The internet has grown into a complete world of it's own. There is really no way anyone can claim to be an expert on every aspect of the internet. At BangTech, our goal is to help our clients explore the internet and its capabilities with respect to their goals. We don't claim to know it all, but we have spent many years working with the internet and feel we have some very valuble experiences which we can use to help our clients make informed decisions.
Our background has deep roots in the areas of Software Development, Networking, Information Systems and Internet Technologies to name a few. Experience with the Project Management of Software Development and Internet Applications helps to keep our Projects on track and successful.
We can aid you in indentifying your needs, creating a working specification for your project, performing the Project Management involved in keeping your project on track, and more. From developing the software architecture to handling the programming tasks to complete the project. Our involvement can be at any level you desire. Our goal is to help make your project a successful one.