BANGTech Aeroponics Greenhouse

It is not good for plant growth in serious weather conditions. Bangtech has developed a high-tech system called 3D & AI Bangtech Aeroponics Greenhouse (BAGH) to overcome this problem.

Structure of BAGH

BAGH is mini greenhouse built in only 16sqf area and 8’ height circle column (diameter 2.5’) by metal frame and polystyrene wall and covered by screen. The plant is inserted in the hole on the wall. Irrigation is equipped with spray system inside of column to provide water and fertilizer so that plant roots can get the nutrient. BAGH could be remote control with AI sensors by your cell phone.

Sketch Map of BAGH

Benefits of BAGH

  • Environmental friendly –BAGH used in any kind of places even roof top or backyard.
  • Water saving – Aeroponics system grow plants without soil. Spray save 60% water than others.
  • Organic planting – No pesticide in BAGH.
  • High production – 3D planting make more produces.
  • AI System – Remote control by AI.

Aeroponics is an indoor gardening practice in which plants are grown and nourished by suspending their root structures in air and regularly spraying them with a nutrient and water solution.

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