Aeroponic Greenhouse

AERO Development Corporation

  • Extremely high yields in small footprints
  • Ease of assembly and operations
  • Absence of algae in a closed irrigation system
  • hemical and pesticide free environment
  • Less than 10% of the water used in soil based growing

Garden Spot Village provides the luxuries of resort-style living along with the security of easy access to exceptional healthcare services.

Aeroponics is a soilless growing method similar to hydroponics. But with aeroponics, plants are suspended in air with no growing medium at all. The roots are fed nutrient-rich water delivered by misters or a drip system.

The system at Garden Spot Village uses lightweight vertical towers, developed only a few miles away at Aero Development Corp. in Gap, that allow water to run down the inside of 10-foot growing columns to feed the plants. The system, lets growers cultivate produce with far less space and water than conventional methods.

Garden Spot Village: Aeroponic Greenhouse - New Holland, PA 17557

Garden Spot Village
433 South Kinzer Avenue
New Holland, PA 17557